A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In 1989 the dialup services Prodigy released the first levels of MADMAZE!  A single player game only accessible through online subscription.  

The game can still be played through a recreation in 2D on modern browsers, but now for the first time the first maze can be played in 3D and in VR!

This demo contains just the maze for level 1-1 of MADMAZE.  It serves as an introduction the world, but the maps for all 10 sections of level 1 is already finished if there is interest in our continuing.  

Much like our previous experiment of Superman 64 in to virtual reality, we wanted to see if something from so long ago could find life again with new inputs and presence. 

We think it does! (although music and voice work was needed to bring it into modern standards.)

This demos is available in standard PC Flatscreen, PC VR, and Quest Mobile VR..  (A first for our tiny dev team)  This is mainly thanks to the hard work of Pixel Crushers with their Dialogue System for Unity and Grid Controller plugins. 

Game Port Credits:

Developed by Peter Stolmeier 

The Sage is played by Nick Wright

The Narrator, Troll, and Matilda were played by James Panto

Original MADMAZE Credits:  

Design by Eric Goldberg

Script by Greg Costikyan

For the Prodigy Online Service.

If you end up playing this game, or remember the original let us know! 


MadMaze 3D PCvr 107 MB
MadMaze 3D PC Flatscreen 106 MB
MadMaze 3D Quest VR 98 MB


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FWIW, I had a newborn child when I was writing this. He was colicky and would wake and cry if I put him down. So I wrote a lot of this with a slumbering baby on my chest.

He is now in his thirties, a Columbia law school graduate, and clerks for the last liberal justice in the Fifth Federal Circuit (governing Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi) where he spends much of his time writing dissenting opinions to decisions by the most conservative federal court in the natiion.


Huh... well, thanks. A web version for MadMaze has existed for many years, but it was created back in the day when Mozilla and IE were your only browser options,  and IE was more fully featured then, so it  wouldn't let you play if, say, you were running Chrome or Firefox. So for a long time most people couldn't play, because what rational human being would use IE?

Glad to see this accessible again, and since this was work for hire, if you're violating anyone's IP, it isn't mine, and I could care less.

FWIW, Eric Goldberg and I are working together again (as we have done periodically through our career), now at Playable Worlds, where we are working on an as-yet unannounced MMO.


Thanks so much for taking a look!  I was just a kid when I played it the first time and have actually come back to it over the years so I do for any classic.  

The 2D game works on chrome now, it was invaluable for this project. https://www.vintagecomputing.com/madmaze/


I'm glad to hear you guys are together again.  Perhaps my friends and I will quaff a tankard of ale in your new MMO once it's out.