A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Now available for PC and Quest!

An homage to "one of the worst games ever made"  This port proves that things are just better in VR. 

The Villainous Luther Lexington has kidnapped your friends Luis Street, Jamie Alyson, and Professor NoJoan Carez and sent them to a virtual world.   It's up to you, Super Human Six, to jack in and save them.



  • Only the first 3 maddening mazes and terrible traps are included. More can be added if there is interest but this is as far as most players got originally. 
  • Practice mode is now meant to showcase the MASSIVE square mile of city.
  • Since flying is now smooth I removed the ability to skip rings, you have to hit every one. I also moved the collider in a little so you have to be inside the ring for it to count.  
  • I’ve placed the HUD onto the players wrists and added the ability to turn them off by pushing a physical button they are being projected from.
  • I wanted to keep as much jank as I could. The car sequence breaks modern immersion conventions a little to keep the mechanic the same, expect to have to try that a few times before you get it and yes, that means you have to start over at the rings again.
  • There is no health bar and if I make more levels I don’t plan on adding it.  The countdowns and danger to citizens is enough of a challenge. I will probably make powers permanent as well, all drawing from a central battery that the pickups will refill.
  • Now that this is a first person game there’s no player model, this lets me remove any reference to Superman and it’s trademarked characters, something I think DC comics and its parent company Warner Brothers will appreciate. 
  • You are now playing as Super Human Six!  I had to change very little to make this possible, you might not even notice other than the cover.
  • Finally, I changed the ending, or rather created one because the original game just used the static opening models again. It was only 20 seconds long and is seriously lazy, there is no back wall of this set and they just SHOW THE HOLE ON SCREEN. The camera shook so bad because they didn’t turn it off on the previous level.  A level that concludes with a sign that reads “the end”
  • My version also has a "the end" sign but at least it's graphically interesting. 


Superhuman 6 4 VR (PC) 99 MB
Superhuman 6 4 VR (Quest) 408 MB

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This was really great. I'd love it if I could play the whole game like this someday.

the games crashes when i open it

Is there any other information you can share?  Version of windows, if other VR games reacts, ect? 

windows 10 only this game crashes and i cant download it on oculus quest 2 because i have no link cable

ROFL, i found this trying to find a full metropolis rip on google. what makes it funny is the reason i was looking for it was because i wanted to import it into something to explore in vr, and then i just find this!

That's awesome, I love it when that happens and I'm so rarely on the other side of it. 

I don't know why, but every time I open the game it just immediately crashes, can someone please help I really want to play superhuman 6 4 he's my favorite of the justice guys 

PC or Oculus? 


The game is pretty stable, have you updated your drivers, ect?

This is really impressive. Did you remodel the entire city? or rip assets from game?

It's about 50/50  I pulled them from the game but had to spend a lot of time getting the textures right.  I then created the city from scratch one recreated building at a time. 

In the end it's the same as in the game but I had to put a lot of labor into make it so. 

I appreciate your reply. I'm going through pretty much the same process and was curious :)

What game did you choose?  Are you going to vr port it? 

No no, I started ripping/rebuild the metropolis map from superman64. Was in the modelling phase.

OH! unexpected. I'd like to know more.  contact me (user name at gmail) and maybe I can speed your project up.   I was not efficient in my optimization but it might help you. 

You didn't say though, what are you planning? 

gonna give it a quick shot...

This was great!

Really nice work, I'd love to see more! This was basically just one level, after all.


It really does depend on the reaction.  If it gets big enough I'll add all the first level open world stuff then set another milestone for the first "dungeon" level.  That will require new code wile the open world stuff is only adding the content. 

So cool! Do more, I will play :)